#2 Cherry and Karelian Birch Shaker Oval Box

This #2 size Cherry and Karelian Shaker Oval Box is handcrafted following time honored Shaker box-making methods. After producing the bands, they are soaked in hot water then wrapped around a wooded form. The fingers are secured with copper tacks and shapers are placed in while the box dry. The cherry bottom and highly figured Karelian Birch top are carefully cut out then secured to the box with wooden dowels. The box is finish with a clear oil followed by a lacquer and wax topcoat. The size of the box is 5 3/4" long x 3 1/2" wide x 2" tall. This box ships in approximately  14 days.

Others sizes of Cherry and Karelian Birch Shaker Oval Boxes are available. Email me for sizes and pricing.

#2 Cherry and Karelian Birch Shaker Oval Box
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